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PSA: Kenitra plant is one of the most “efficient”

The Chairman of the Executive Board of the French PSA Group, Carlos Tavares, said in Zaragoza that the group’s new platform in Kenitra, inaugurated last June, is one of the most “efficient”.

“The factories in Zaragoza, Madrid and Vigo are progressing satisfactorily in terms of competitiveness, although those in Portugal and Morocco are still more efficient,” Tavares said on the sidelines of the production launch of the new generation of the company. Opel Corsa 100% electric in the factory of Figueruelas in Zaragoza, event that took place in the presence of King Felipe VI of Spain.

The new PSA Group plant in Kenitra has an annual production capacity of 100,000 vehicles and associated engines. The extension of this state-of-the-art industrial complex will double its current capacity even before 2023 – the date set for achieving this goal – and eventually generate 4,000 jobs.

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