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PSA: The engines will not be produced in Morocco

According to a senior executive of the PSA group, the Kénitra plant will not be able to produce “in the sense of machining” engines in Morocco. And for good reason, the country lacks a shoeing, welding and engine block assembly industry. “Morocco does not have car foundries to make cylinder pressure sensors, camshafts …”, specifies the director.

In other words, the Kenitra site will have to be content with assembling or even “dressing” engines that will be imported from the Vigo site in Galicia (North-West of Spain). According to the same senior manager, “a manufacturer alone cannot machine engines. It would take 2 to 3 manufacturers or an aircraft manufacturer to be able to invest in foundries”.

However, to reach the 80% integration rate, Morocco will have to produce engines locally. Furthermore, if we want to go up to 100% integration over time, we will also have to machine gearboxes. The PSA Kénitra plant is designed to accommodate 100,000 vehicles. It will have to rise to 200,000 units and as many “imported” engines by the summer of 2020.

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