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Rabat welcomes Africa Security Forum

From 1st to 3rd December, the capital will welcome the 4th edition of the Africa Security Forum under the theme “The impact of climate change on security in Africa”. This event, organized by the Atlantis think-tank (www.atlantis-center.org), in partnership with the International Forum for Security Technologies (www.fits-forum.org), will make it possible to discuss issues related to security issues. Africa. The aim is to contribute to the emergence of solutions enabling the continent’s decision-makers to face the endogenous and exogenous threats of the 21 st century.

The 2019 edition will thus be an opportunity to review the alarming impacts of climate change on ecosystems, biodiversity and human societies and will try to provide solutions to address these threats to the African continent. Africa is today considered as the most vulnerable region of the planet in the face of climate change. The continent will have two billion inhabitants by 2050 and will face a decline in agricultural yields, short growing seasons, or problems of access to water.

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