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RAM accelerates the pace of flights

The airline Royal Air Maroc (RAM) increased, Monday July 20, 2020, the frequency of its domestic flights on the lines Casablanca-Dakhla, Casablanca-Oujda …

In a statement, RAM said that the Casablanca-Dakhla line has now gone from seven frequencies to 9, that of Casablanca-Agadir goes to four frequencies per week, that of Casablanca-Oujda from three to five frequencies per week.

In all, 12 regular connections will be operated at a rate of 45 frequencies per week as part of the company’s domestic flight program. Eight lines connecting Casablanca to other cities of the kingdom: Casablanca-Dakhla (9 frequencies per week), Casablanca-Laayoune (7 frequencies per week), Casablanca-Oujda (5 frequencies per week), Casablanca-Agadir (7 frequencies per week) ), Casablanca-Errachidia (2 frequencies per week), Casablanca-Ouarzazate (3 frequencies per week), Casablanca-Tetouan (2 frequencies per week) and Casablanca-El Hoceïma (2 frequencies per week). Four other lines: Agadir-Laâyoune, Agadir-Dakhla, Laâyoune-Dakhla and Tetouan-Al Hoceïma at the rate of 2 frequencies per week.

This flight program will evolve gradually, the company being mobilized to adapt it in real time according to the demand, specifies RAM. The airline’s customers can view all flights available for purchase on the website, through call centers, sales offices and the travel agency network.

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