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RAM inaugurates its new regional air base in Laayoune

On June 11, 2019, Royal Air Maroc opened its new air base in Laayoune. A delegation chaired by the Minister of Tourism, Air Transport, Crafts and Solidarity Economy, Mohamed SAJID, and the President and CEO of Royal Air Morocco, Hamid ADDOU, borrowed on Tuesday the first flight of this new base linking Agadir to Laayoune, announces a statement from the company.

An official ceremony was organized at the arrival of the delegation at Hassan I airport in the presence of the authorities of the city authorities and Laâyoune Sakia Al Hamra Region.

The establishment of this regional air base intervenes following the conclusion of a partnership agreement between the Council of Laâyoune Sakia Al Hamra Region and Royal Air Maroc. Thus, customers will benefit from a six-link program linking Laayoune to Agadir, Dakhla, Marrakech, Smara, Guelmim and Las Palmas. In total, the program includes 13 frequencies per week including 10 to the cities of Agadir, Dakhla, Marrakech, Smara and Guelmim at a rate of two frequencies per week for each of the domestic air routes. This program is reinforced by a link of three frequencies per week between Laayoune and Las Palmas (The Canary Islands).

Rates are fixed and attractive:
– Laayoune – Agadir: MAD 600 (one way);
– Laayoune – Dakhla: MAD 600 (one way);
– Laayoune – Marrakech: MAD 700 (one way);
– Laayoune – Smara: MAD 300 (one way);
– Laayoune – Guelmim: MAD 350 (one way);
– Laayoune – Las Palmas: MAD 650 (one way).

These new routes reinforce Compagnie Nationale’s existing offer on its regional hub, connecting Laâyoune to Casablanca (14 frequencies per week), Agadir (4 frequencies per week), Dakhla (4 frequencies per week) and Las Palmas (3 frequencies per week).

Royal Air Maroc thus carries the number of routes operated on Laayoune to 7 lines at 38 frequencies per week:
– 14 flights a week from and to Casablanca;
– 6 flights a week from and to Agadir;
– 6 flights a week to and from Dakhla;
– 6 flights a week to and from Las Palmas;
– 2 flights a week from and to Marrakech;
– 2 weekly flights to and from Guelmim
– 2 flights a week to and from Smara.

“Convinced that domestic air transport is a fundamental tool at the service of opening up the territories, we are increasing our efforts with our partners to contribute effectively to the economic and social development of the regions. The setting up of a regional hub in Laayoune is a concrete illustration of this. Today, the city is accessible from many parts of the Kingdom in less than two hours; and it is, more than ever, close to the main international destinations. Thus, the improvement of air connections to our southern provinces will undeniably contribute to economic and social development of our regions by strengthening their economic attractiveness, enhancing their tourism potential and facilitating the movement of our fellow citizens,” said Hamid ADDOU, Chairman and CEO of Royal Air Maroc.

For his part, the chairman of the Council of Laâyoune Sakia Al Hamra Region, Sidi Hamdi OULD ERRACHID, indicates that “the Council of the Region attaches great importance to air transport which constitutes a basic pillar first to accompany the great development projects initiated by HM King Mohammed VI, then to help improve the business climate and finally to offer diversified regional transport offers to ensure a smooth connection of the Region to its national and international environment. That is why we welcome the realization of this exemplary convention allowing the establishment of a regional air base to and we thank all parties who contributed to the success of this vital project which has always been a priority demand of inhabitants of the region”.

In addition, Royal Air Maroc’s domestic network is strengthened by this air base by integrating three new lines, namely Laayoune-Marrakech, Laayoune-Smara and Laayoune-Guelmim. The domestic network will thus go to 28 destinations, 11 of which directly connect Moroccan cities without going through the Casablanca hub.

The establishment of this regional air base is part of the Royal Air Maroc policy which aims to support the Kingdom’s advanced regionalization strategy. A policy that focuses on strengthening domestic air links to help open up the most remote areas of the country and stimulate economic development and tourism, concludes the statement from RAM.

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