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RAM launched a screening campaign for all its employees

The resumption of Royal Air Maroc flights is becoming clearer. Pending financial support from the government for the revival of its activities, the Moroccan airline company launched the screening campaign for all its employees.

The resumption of RAM activities will depend on financial support from the government, which may require the reduction of the company’s workforce and operating costs. This employee screening campaign, launched on June 17, is obviously going with apprehension. Staff are participating in this covid-19 screening campaign at Mohammed V airport and Casablanca headquarters, while fearing the next top management decisions.

Even if activities have resumed on the various RAM sites since June 11, after three months of teleworking, the future is not reassuring for these thousands of employees of the airline.

This apprehension follows the speech of the Minister of Tourism last week before the elected representatives of the people. Nadia Fettah had announced with cover words a resumption of RAM activities which could impact the number of staff and the fleet of the company. “The national company RAM has established an austerity plan with a panoply of measures to fight against the fallout from the crisis”. According to a source familiar with the matter, the company is in urgent need of financial support.

The Moroccan state cannot enter into a new contract with the company if it does not cut its workforce or reduce its fleet of 59 planes nailed to the ground since the closure of airspace.

RAM has not yet specified the number of jobs that could be deleted. According to the same media, the size of the cuts will logically depend on the amount of the envelope that the State will make available to the company. In addition, the company will have to get rid of its representative offices, which cost it enormously expensive.

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