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RAM reportedly suspended the purchase of two Boeing 737MAX

The bill for the 737 MAX is heavier for Boeing, another airline renouncing to acquire the ex-bestseller of the American aircraft manufacturer.

New headwinds for Boeing, which continues to pay the note of the crash of its model 737MAX in Ethiopia. Royal Air Maroc (RAM) is reported to have suspended an agreement to purchase two additional Boeing 737 MAXs following the incident. RAM had planned to receive both devices in June. In the space of a few months, two fatal accidents involving the Boeing best seller occurred in Ethiopia and Indonesia, killing nearly 350 people.

Recently, The Wall Street Journal reported that discrepancies between US and European authorities could delay the return to service of the 737 MAX, based on sources close to the case. Unhappiness never comes alone, the US aerospace giant must also face the complaint of a union of Southwest Airlines pilots who estimates that the immobilization of the 737 MAX has caused a shortfall of more than 100 million dollars.

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