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RAM: The Boeing 737 Max still grounded

The Boeing 737 Max, whose first aircraft was commissioned in May 2017, has since been tragically crushed by aircraft of Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines, grounded by the decision of the world’s civil aviation authorities (the Federal Administration of Civil Aviation) FAA or the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

To be less evil, for us nationals, the Royal Air Maroc had only one of them operational in its fleet. And although the National Company, whose bulk of its planes comes from the American aircraft manufacturer in Seattle (Boeing), bet on the bagatelle of three of this medium-haul aircraft in its orders, it gets off cheaply of comparison with other airlines which they have made a fixation by its economic side. The national company of the rest always has the possibility of going back at a lower cost.

But if it has stopped furrowing the air, the Boeing 737 Max is criticized, according to some specialists, because of its design that makes its engines are too close to the ground hence the so-called Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) a device hardware and software device (designed to prevent a stall).

We wanted to know a little more and has through an enlightened and specialized opinion of an experienced pilot-in-command (Royal Air Maroc, Ethiophian Airlines, Etihad), Abderrahmane Karmane in this case, we have nagging about this plane that some describe as “cursed”. Also, on the two crashes in the space of five months, the CBD told us the following.

“On October 29, 2018, the world experienced a tragic and unfortunate accident of an airplane that Boeing had made a nascent legend. The Lion Air 610 flight crashed into the ocean after a heroic fight of two pilots visibly overwhelmed by the events. 189 people (passengers and crew) are killed. Boeing and the US FAA Civil Aviation Authority then said that the pilots could have gotten through. The FAA, cracked an EAD Emergency Airworthiness Directive, Urgent Airworthiness Directive and which warns all operators of the existence of a hazard on the use of the B737 Max 8 & 9 in certain phases of flight, including take-off.

Five months later, on March 10, 2019, the Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 to Nairobi, took off safely from Addis Ababa, before its flight became a nightmare for pilots who eventually lose their lives like the other 157 souls on board. The fight of these pilots was no less heroic than their fellow Indonesians. They made all the emergency measures to their knowledge, nothing helps, the result was the same fatal trajectory of a plane that wanted to be on top. After these two accidents, whose striking similarities leave the world of civil aviation in unprecedented disarray, Boeing procrastinates. The FAA hesitates and is lost in conjectures, foreign countries stop the B737 Max planes. US President Donald Trump then intervenes and orders to ban theft of the latest B737 Max still operational.

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