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Ranking of emergence in Africa: Morocco confirms its rank of leader

Morocco has confirmed its position in the top ranks of the best performing African countries, ranking in 2017, at the head of emerging countries in the continent, according to the second annual ranking of African countries on economic emergence, released Wednesday in Dakar.

Published by the Research Group “Institute of Emergence”, an organization coordinated by the Senegalese economist and statistician engineer Moubarack Lo, and Amaye Sy, the ranking is based on the Synthetic Index of Economic Emergence (ISEME), and is based on four dimensions: inclusive wealth, economic dynamism, structural transformation, and good integration into the world economy.

With a score of 0.546, Morocco, which is at the top of the ranking, and South Africa (0.517) “are the best performing countries”, in 2017, according to the ranking showing the individual performances of 45 African countries, evaluated under the prism of the ISEME, says the statement, pointing out that these countries rank among the emerging countries.

Morocco and South Africa have already established themselves as the best-performing countries on the continent in the 2016 ranking.

Senegal, which ranks 12th, “ranks in the category of potentially emerging countries”, while “the worst performers of African countries are Liberia, Burundi and the Central African Republic”, according to the ranking of the “Institute of Emergence”.

Of the 45 African countries studied, 41 experienced an improvement in their emergence situation over the period 2005-2017, two experienced a regression and two made no progress.

The countries with the largest increase over the period are: Malawi, Mozambique, Republic of Congo, Zambia, Madagascar, Rwanda, Guinea, Niger, Sierra Leone, Botswana, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe. Regression countries are Egypt and Sudan.

According to Mr. Moubarack Lo, economic “is moving a poor country from a low growth equilibrium to a better balance of strong and sustainable growth.”

“The ISEME is a useful complement to indices such as the global competitiveness index or the Doing Business indicator, which measure more potential for attractiveness than palpable performance for the country and its residents, in terms of jobs and additional income,” he told reporters recently.

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