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Real Madrid under the spell of Mohamed Ihattaren

The international Moroccan-Dutch Mohamed Ihattaren would be in the sights of Real Madrid. According to Spanish media, the leaders of the capital club would soon like to enlist the 17-year-old, whose quality of play and technique have not gone unnoticed.

Remember that Mohamed Ihattaren is always at the center of all desires. Like many binational footballers, the young Moroccan-Dutch player will soon decide what country he wants to represent. The pressure of the Royal Dutch Football Federation is growing stronger on Ihattaren. But if we let this talented and promising young footballer choose himself the national colors he wants to defend?

For the moment, Ihattaren expresses his pride at having been asked by the two federations, but he has not yet made his choice. “I just want to play,” he says. Even though her family says she “would be honored” that her son chose to wear the Atlas Lions jersey.

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