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Royal Air Maroc will have to part with certain planes

The impact of the health crisis on the activities of Royal Air Maroc is enormous. In the absence of significant financial support from the government, the national airline could reduce its fleet of 59 aircraft by half or more.

Presenting the situation of the tourism sector to the House of Representatives, the Minister of Tourism announced that the fall in air traffic in 2020 causes financial losses which threaten jobs within the airline.

According to a source close to the air transport department, RAM first wants to know the content of the amending finance law before drawing up a plan to resume its activities. This recovery will save neither jobs nor the current fleet of the national carrier. According to this same source, the top management of Royal Air Maroc is waiting to know its fate with the government, within the framework of the amending finance law before deciding.

Pending further details on the contents of the bill, RAM estimates that this date will be known very soon. If the state is content to give MAD 1 or 2 billion to the RAM, there will be a lot of sacrifices to the key because it could change the development plan of the company, it is explained.

The State should condition its support, namely to reduce, for example, by half the size of the fleet as well as that of the company. “Indeed, if RAM keeps 30 planes out of the 59, it doesn’t will no longer need a workforce of 5,000 people (direct jobs and subsidiaries) and may have to reduce its staff by 2,500 or even 3,000 people,” said the same source.

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