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Ryanair reduces the frequency of its flights to Morocco

The airline Ryanair has decided to reduce the frequency of its flights to Morocco and other destinations in September and November because of the significant declines in bookings.

While the Irish low cost hoped to reach 70% of its flight capacity in the re-entry, it has recorded a significant decrease in its bookings in recent days due to the lingering uncertainty regarding the recent rates of Covid-19 cases in some EU countries, the company said in a statement. As a result, Ryanair has decided to reduce its flight capacity by 20% during the months of September and October, the same source specifies.

The low cost said it has opted for frequency cuts instead of road closures. These decreases will be “heavily concentrated” on countries such as France, Spain (countries affected by the British quarantine, such as the Netherlands and Malta), Sweden, Ireland and to some extent Morocco due to of the surge in cases of Covid-19 contamination recorded in recent days in these countries, it is explained. An outbreak which has also led the authorities to increase “travel restrictions”.

A Ryanair spokesperson further explains that these capacity and frequency reductions “are necessary given the recent weakness in forward bookings due to Covid-19 restrictions in a number of EU countries.” In the face of increasing travel restrictions, “forward bookings, especially for business trips in September and October, have been negatively affected, and it makes sense to reduce frequencies in order to adapt our capacity to the demand. demand over the next 2 months,” he adds.

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