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Ryanair sends an important message to its customers

Ryanair has found that online booking sites unauthorized to sell its tickets have cheated customers, preventing them from receiving refunds for canceled flights before the end of July. The airline has launched a new customer verification form on its website to help those affected.

“These unauthorized websites such as Kiwi.com, Last Minute.com, On The Beach and Love Holidays (among others) transmit fake customer details to Ryanair and add customer names to ‘virtual’ credit cards, this which prevents direct reimbursements to Ryanair customers,” denounces the airline. The low cost company says it has received complaints in recent weeks about these unauthorized websites which refuse to deal with or help Ryanair customers.

“Although we have been able to reimburse millions of customers who booked directly with us in cash, meaning that we had the real email and payment details, we were unable to process requests from thousands of customers who have booked through these unauthorized third party online booking websites ‘screen scraper’ because they provide false / fictitious contact details and payment details when booking on Ryanair’s website,” said Eddie Wilson, the company’s CEO.

Taking stock of the situation, Ryanair first launched a new “customer verification” form. Then, it invites its customers who have been victims of deception and overbilling to send it a direct request via the said form available on its website.

Note that many Moroccan customers or people wishing to travel to Morocco have been duped by this method, according to a dozen emails received by Daily Morocco.

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