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Saâd Lamjarred files a complaint against Mohamed Ramadan

Moroccan artist Saâd Lamjarred decided to file a complaint against Mohamed Ramadan with whom he sang “Ensay”. At the origin of this decision, the refusal of the Egyptian singer to pay him his royalties. YouTube management deleted the song.

Released over a year ago, the song Ensay, a featuring between Mohamed Ramadan and Saâd Lamjarred, is no longer available on YouTube. The channel’s management decided to remove it following a complaint from the Moroccan artist. Lamjarred says he did not receive his share of the revenue from the song, which was broadcast on the Egyptian artist’s YouTube channel, despite the latter receiving the royalties that the channel pays directly to his bank account. According to the contract which binds them, Mohamed Ramadan is supposed to pay in turn to his colleague what is rightfully his.

According to the confidences of a relative of the Moroccan artist, before taking the decision to file a complaint against the Egyptian, the management of Lamjarred had attempted an amicable settlement, but encountered the categorical refusal of Mohamed Ramadan . Justice will take care of the matter.

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