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Saad Lamjarred in concert in Riyadh

Saad Lamjarred is set to make his comeback on December 18 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The places have reached exorbitant prices, specifying that the “VIP Box”, one of the categories of the concert, costs not less than MAD 100,000.

The seats in this category were sold out. On the other hand, a small number of tickets whose price varies between 500 and 1000 dirhams are still available.

Recall that Lamjarred announced that he will hold a concert in Saudi Arabia, as part of the “Mawssim Riyadh” festival. While some expressed their joy at seeing “Lamaâllem” on stage, others, the Saudis in particular, did not hide their anger after the announcement.

The hashtag “We don’t want Saad Lamjarred in Riyadh” was indeed launched a few hours after the announcement by Turki Al Sheikh, the president of the entertainment authority, that the Moroccan singer will perform on December 18 in Saudi Arabia. For some Saudis, Lamjarred is not welcome for his involvement in a sexual assault case.

However, the singer received the agreement of French justice to make his comeback on stage. Her last concert dates from October 2016. Accused three years ago of rape by the French Laura Prioul, aged 20 years at the time, Lamjarred saw the facts requalified by the judge on April 9. He was, in fact, referred to the Paris Criminal Court for “sexual assault” and “aggravated violence”. The trial is scheduled for December.

Despite his setbacks, Saad Lamjarred continued his artistic career. He has released several hits including “Ensay”, “Njibek”, “Ikhallik lili” and “Salam”. His clip, Lm3allem, has surpassed the 760 million views mark. It’s the most watched clip in the Arab world.

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