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Saad Lamjarred is in Morocco

The singer announced yesterday on the story of his Instagram account his departure today in Morocco. An announcement that horrified and disgusted the defenders of women victims of violence as much as it cheered his fans.

The singer who has been the subject of several accusations of rape and violence during his career (and even before making himself known by the Moroccan public) does not like someone “steals the show” by announcing to its place this or that event concerning it.

His family told us several times that he hated it and that it made him go into a black anger. So, last night, the singer preferred to take the initiative to announce himself via his Instagram account his moving to Morocco.

According to information that had reached us but that we could not verify, Saad Lamjarred had already gone to Morocco in all discretion last April. Only his parents and some family members knew about it, we were whispered in his ear.

The departure of Saad Lamjarred for his country of origin has plunged into consternation the defenders of women victims of rape and violence. As a reminder, every year in France, tens of thousands of women are raped and abused. Hundreds of women are murdered by their partners.

In Morocco, a woman raped with a glass bottle and abused by her “partner” died of her injuries in July. This news item shocked many Moroccans and made the headache of the local press.

For their part, several Moroccan associations and several voices raised to denounce violence against women.

Another news item shocked Moroccans, a minor who was raped and abused by several individuals before being strangled. For all these facts, several Moroccans had called for the application of the death penalty against the perpetrators of acts of barbarism.

Saad Lamjarred is, for information, accused of sexual assault and aggravated voluntary violence for the case of Laura Prioul. More serious: He is accused of rape for the case in the city of Saint-Tropez where occurred the facts of the second case. So far, the singer has still not been tried for either the first or the second case.

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