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Safi will host the first African ceramic fair

Without being a city 100% tourist, Safi has assets that are not sufficiently developed. It requires marketing at all levels and political will, insist its inhabitants. And among these assets, the sector of pottery and ceramics which is of paramount importance in Safi. It is even in 2nd position after agriculture. This is because it generates a lot of jobs and therefore is a source of income for a large segment of the population.

Thanks to its abundance of clay, Safi is famous for being the capital of Moroccan pottery. The city has a multitude of pottery and ceramics production sites of which one of the most important is the hill of the potters. In this temple of pottery, more than 3,000 artists are permanently nested in the workshops, to prepare clay, filming, drying, soaking … not to mention cooking, decorations and enamelling.

So many gestures transmitted, with the concern for accuracy, from father to son, as a heritage that gives its identity to the city for hundreds of years. The first Safiot master craftsmen gave this art its nobility, impelled by the arrival of Fassi families in the 19th century and since the Safi have taken over. Today, after the reopening of the ceramics museum, the sector and the city need another boost.

The Regional Council has provided for this in its regional development plan. The city will host next November the first African ceramic fair to be organized by the Region in partnership with the Chamber of Crafts, and the province of Safi. This long-term show will have to position the Marrakech/Safi region as a key player in the sector.

Objective: to enrich the offer of exhibitions and exhibitions in the Region, to contribute to the rehabilitation of the pottery industry in the city of Safi and to support the national policy of restructuring and promotion of the sector. All in the prospect of developing exports, is it specified with the Region. It is also about supporting the production of individual artisans.

The event will also be a great way to boost tourism in the city. Because, despite the potential and assets (beautiful beaches 40 km, important monuments but poorly maintained …) available in the city and its region, tourism has remained undeveloped and is a secondary activity.

Tourism infrastructure, unlike other coastal cities of Morocco, is not developed and therefore attracts very few tourists. But on the other hand, the city can have a place of choice in sustainable tourism with guest houses, homestays …

Main landmarks:

  • 1st Salon in Africa of the ceramics
  • Guest of honor, South Korea
  • 500,000 visitors expected
  • 40 participating countries
  • 350 exhibitors
  • 27,000 m² of exhibition space
  • 16 animation sites

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