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Samsung and RedOne launch “Do What You Can’t” campaign

Samsung Morocco and its Brand Ambassador RedOne, launched Monday in Casablanca, the campaign “Do What You Can’t”, a series of videos where the world leader highlights the life and success of the international artist to inspire and anchor its brand philosophy.

Shot in his hometown, Tetouan, in places that have seen the birth and growth of the star seed, these videos, intended for social networks and made exclusively with a smartphone SAMSUNG GALAXY S10, trace a great history of success.

They present the life of the child from northern Morocco, leaving Tetouan at a young age, to Stockholm and Los Angeles to realize his dream of becoming an international music star, telling the highlights of the life of RedOne, artist accomplished and producer of genius, with today to his credit several international awards, more than 80 Hits worldwide and several international stars produced.

“Samsung is a brand that reflects the values ​​that are dear to me, and its slogan Do What You Can not is a phrase I would have said thought for me, because it summarizes in a relevant way all the steps of my career,” says RedOne.

And to add that “I would never have imagined my life to be like that, I had a dream that I thought was unachievable, but I believed it, I trusted myself, I worked and persevered to reach my goal.”

Indeed, from a young boy who lives in Tetouan and dreams of becoming a musician to an international icon who travels the world and produces the biggest stars, RedOne’s life is a perfect embodiment of Samsung’s philosophy and an unprecedented interpretation of “Do What You Can’t”.

This philosophy is based on the values ​​of perseverance and innovation in order to trust and meet the challenges that constitute the link between SAMSUNG and RedOne.

In addition to being the philosophy of the brand, “Do What You Can’t” is the guiding thread that guides SAMSUNG’s innovations and characterizes the nature of all its products. The brand and its collaborators believe that technology is only useful if it serves the human being and contributes to its evolution.

Since its inception more than 50 years ago, Samsung has put consumers at the center of its thinking and created products that make everyday life easier. The brand has always been inspired by the lifestyles of its users to develop products that offer more and more, that do not just perform their primary function but offer their users answers to everyday needs.

From the Add Wash washing machine that adds laundry during the wash cycle to the QLED TVs that melt into the room, to the Galaxy S10, which shares its load with other Galaxy family devices. Through the Twin Cooling refrigerator that allows to adjust the temperature of the compartments to the preserved food and to transform its compartment freezer in refrigerator, SAMSUNG products are concentrates of technology thought to bring added value to their users and to facilitate their daily life.

Samsung Morocco and RedOne aspire through this initiative, to spread an inspiring and positive message, a hymn to the inner strength and surpassing oneself and a call to believe in his abilities and excel himself to achieve his most unlikely dreams. The brand and its ambassador promise a sequel to this campaign to do more than just a message and visuals, but actions that change people’s lives better.

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