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SelectUSA: Strong Moroccan Participation at the Annual Investment Summit

A strong Moroccan delegation of about fifteen business leaders and professional organizations from various economic sectors, this week in Washington participates in the annual investment summit “SelectUSA”, one of the largest events dedicated to the promotion of foreign direct investment in the United States.

The two-day summit, which opens on Tuesday, is an opportunity for the Moroccan delegation to explore the enormous potential offered by the American market and to promote Moroccan products and know-how in several fields at the international level. first world economy. In a statement, the vice-president of the Moroccan Association of Exporters (ASMEX), Amine Laghidi, stressed the importance of the participation of businessmen and entrepreneurs of the Kingdom in this international event seeing “a recognition of the place of Morocco as a locomotive of development on the African continent”.

Mr Laghidi explained that this participation, the first of its kind and one of the few in the world, is a good opportunity to highlight the strengths that Morocco offers today as a strategic hub. trade for trade and investment. Referring to the targeted priority areas, he cited the “Strategic Supply Chain Sector” as “there can be no export between Morocco and the largest consumer market in the world without an efficient logistics solution”.

The chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors as well as the agri-food industry are also represented in force during this event, he said, making known that it is a question of promoting Moroccan industries “with high value added”, especially to SMEs and different US states.

Along the same lines, the General Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Morocco (AmCham Morocco), Rabia El Alama, said in a similar statement that the participation of the 15 companies makes it possible to explore investment opportunities in the United States. level of the United States. “The United States offers a vast market. We intend to increase awareness of this market, its regulations and benefits, to see where the opportunities are,” she said.

In parallel with the summit, El Alama added, Amcham will hold an open house on Thursday, with meetings with officials from state and trade departments and US senators. The objective is to “discuss the obstacles and grievances of Moroccan or American companies in order to promote trade and investment between the two countries”.

Same story at Khnata El Moutea, representative of the Moroccan group City Bus Transport who said that the Moroccan delegation’s mission is to “develop institutional relations with US officials and with some states that might be interested by our service”.

SelectUSA summit, June 10-12, connects foreign companies with US economic development organizations to facilitate business investment and job creation, say organizers of the government-led program by the US Department of Commerce.

Each investment summit focuses on the US investment environment, industry trends and new opportunities. The event also brings together senior government officials, business leaders and other thought leaders from around the world.

According to its initiators, SelectUSA plays a vital role in attracting and facilitating international investment in the United States by raising awareness of the broad range of opportunities and the positive business climate and by facilitating the key direct relationships between investors and economic operators.

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