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Sidaction 2018: Ali Baddou and Choumicha give a new meeting on Saturday

ALCS launched 30th anniversary of Hakima Himmich’s 7th edition of the National Campaign to raise awareness and raise funds to fight HIV, Sidaction Morocco. The campaign that continues from 1 December to 31 in order to combat the spread of the virus is the theme of the year: “AIDS remains”. A major event in this major campaign, the TV evening Sidaction 2018, will be programmed Saturday, December 15 from 21h, live on 2M and 2M World.

The ceremony is hosted by the duo composed by animators Ali Baddou and Choumicha, will be punctured with reports, testimonies of people living with HIV, efforts by specialists, calls for donations and some parentheses of entertainment. The evening will also be characterized by the presence of many artists and national and international stars who responded to the ALCS call.

The goal of this campaign? To increase the collection of donations to effectively combat the spread of the AIDS virus, thanks to campaigns for prevention and the fight against stigmatization of people with infection.

There is also an opportunity to “communicate more in detail about HIV infection, to contribute to the public’s sensitization,” said Professor Mehdi Karkouri, President of ALCS, in a statement.

Thus, in December, donations at Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Marrakesh and Agadir airports are possible, where urns have been created for this purpose by transfer to bank account checks via electronic payment directly on the ALCS website , or simply by sending SMS to 9494 (10.8 DH/TTC). Donors can promise donations by calling 05 29 043 043.

The donors will be able to finance a transport ticket for a person living with HIV to cover living expenses, purchase of hygiene products for hospitalized patients or food basket funds to provide one month nutritional supplement to a person treated and in extreme uncertainty or to participate in the medical or therapeutic support for the poor living with HIV.

According to the Ministry of Health, the number of people living in Morocco with HIV is 20,000, of which 28% are unaware of their HIV status, with 990 new infections and 480 deaths per year. Figures showing the importance of prevention and the need for a general and urgent awareness of this disease

“We must combat discrimination and stigma of people living with HIV and those living with HIV populations who are most vulnerable to this infection that prevents access to prevention, testing and access to treatment,” reminds Hakima Himmich, founder of ALCS. She is also the doctor who was due to the diagnosis of the first case of AIDS in Morocco in 1986.

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