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Sodexo Morocco promotes professional gender mixity

Sodexo Morocco organizes, as part of the Women in Africa Summit scheduled for June 27-28 in Marrakech, a Masterclass dedicated to the inclusion of women and which highlights the quality of life and diversity in the world of work. The Sodexo group and its Moroccan subsidiary will present a global study that measures the positive impacts on financial and non-financial indicators of the gender mix at work.

This survey involved 50,000 households representing different functions in 70 entities around the world. In particular, it shows that all indicators related to quality of life and performance go green once a team has a gender balance. By way of example, the mixed entities show a retention rate of their employees and customers 8 to 9 points higher than that of non-joint entities. It should be noted that the group has made corporate diversity a model. Thus, women represent 50% of its board of directors and occupy 32% of management positions.

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