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Somaca: An installed capacity of 101,000 vehicles

60 years already! The Moroccan Automobile Manufacturing Company (Somaca) exceeds for the first time the milestone of 100,000 cars of installed capacity. For 2019, the manufacturer is counting on a projected production volume of around 93,000 vehicles (Logan, Sandero and Stepway). As a reminder, last year, the site produced 83,429 units. The current rate is 380 cars a day!

One vehicle comes out of the chain every three minutes. 3,500 pieces are mounted in each car. At the origin of this rise in capacity, heavy investments in the process and facilities as well as the HR part to produce world-class vehicles: “We will continue to increase capacity with heavy investments in both in the facilities, digitization, automation and robotization as well as human resources to build skills, “said Mohamed Bachiri, CEO of Somaca. It was during the CGEM’s National Business Council, held on May 23rd in the Renault group’s factory compound in Casablanca.

The choice of Somaca to host such an event of the confederation of employers is of great symbolism. This is a flagship of Moroccan industry (created in 1959) at a time when Morocco is rethinking its economic model. Moreover, Somaca is a showcase and a national heritage of the automotive industry (as well as Renault Tangier), the leading export sector.

The two Moroccan factories produce more than 400,000 cars (figures end of 2018) and export to 74 markets in four continents! Somaca alone exports to 10 countries. Two-thirds of production (70%) goes to export. One third (30%) remains on the Moroccan market. Export markets include Western Europe, Egypt, Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq and recently Cuba!

More importantly, Somaca is getting ready to welcome new vehicles in a year and a half or two years. For this purpose, the manufacturer is preparing the facilities to accommodate these models in the group standards. MAD 1.4 billion will be invested in the modernization of the facilities.

In a concern for quality and ergonomics, the site will increase to 20% of robotization in 2 years. “We must introduce new technologies to remain competitive and closer to factories around the world,” says the management. As a reminder, the former president of the group Carlos Ghosn announced last November doubling the capacity of Somaca. This will go through field extensions and new installations.

In 2015, the management adopted a plan of rupture on the quality. Clearly, all vehicles produced must be in world-class standards. This has allowed Somaca to be one of the “best of breeders” of automotive industry sites worldwide.

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