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Some european countries do not allow entry of Moroccans

Morocco is on the list of 15 countries selected by the European Union to enter the Schengen area on July 1. Some European countries, for security reasons, have closed their borders to the Kingdom again.

The epidemiological situation in Morocco still worries certain European countries. They fear a resurgence of the epidemic in their country, as soon as the borders open after more than 3 months of hard struggle to counter the pandemic.

These are the Iberian neighbor, Spain, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Italy. These countries, applying the principle of reciprocity, oppose the opening of their borders to Moroccan travelers.

If some countries update the list of states every two weeks, Spain will close its doors in Morocco until July 31, supports Spanish media El Pais. For the time being, the Hungarian authorities only allow Serbian nationals.

Conditions are also more flexible with Italy. Hit hard by the covid-19 pandemic after China, it remains cautious and only allows nationals of the 15 countries considered safe by the EU on its territory after a fortnight of quarantine upon arrival.

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