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Spain: Thousands of Moroccan children left to fend for themselves

A damning report from UNESCO sounds the alarm for some 9000 unaccompanied Moroccan children who have returned to the neighboring North Kingdom.

According to the report, the findings of which were revealed the day before in Madrid, describes the inhuman conditions and precariousness of the most humiliating suffered by these children in search of the utopian Eldorado on the other side of the Mediterranean. These thousands of miners, boys and girls, have managed to land in Spain, either the land borders of the two occupied Moroccan enclaves, Sebta and Melillia, or over sea.

The UN body also states in its report that there are at least 13,000 illegal migrant minors, all nationalities combined, in reception centers or wandering in the avenues and squares of Spain, including those occupied Moroccan cities of Sebta and Melillia.

This incredible figure, it is said, has never been reached in the history of the Kingdom of Spain, considered as a “land of welcome”, whereas it previously had the status of “country of emigration”.

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