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Spanish shipbuilder Navantia wants to settle in Morocco

The Spanish shipbuilder Navantia has made an offer to the Moroccan authorities for the construction of two patrol boats, and is awaiting the approval of Rabat for the conclusion of the agreement.

According to Iberian media, this offer, considered to be an “advanced commercial opportunity” for Navantia which has seen its order book decrease in recent years, could benefit the manufacturer’s second site, the Ferrol estuary, which would benefit greatly.

In fact, hundreds of Navantia jobs are threatened in the factories of San Fernando in Cadiz (Andalusia) and Ferrol in A Coruña (Galicia), two sites which dispute the execution of the orders of the manufacturer.

In this regard, the representatives of the workers in the local shipyards highlighted the need to obtain orders to deal with the lack of workload observed, a situation which has already been the subject of various mobilizations in recent weeks.

Thus, the offer made in Morocco, if it is materialized, would constitute a real boon for the manufacturer, on the background of stiff competition, notably Russian.

For the moment, nothing is sure yet and no deadline “has been set for the conclusion of a possible trade agreement”, even if “negotiations are on the right track”.

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