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Starbucks coffee: Morocco, one of the cheapest countries

Is a Starbucks coffee expensive in Morocco? If the price seems high compared to the purchasing power, it is nevertheless one of the cheapest in the world, according to the index Finder’s Starbucks Index. Morocco ranks 66th among the most expensive countries in 76 countries for the cost of a large latte. On average, it costs MAD 26 ($ 2.69) to afford it size.

According to the index, the cheapest Starbucks latte is available in Turkey ($ 1.78). Then come Egypt ($ 1.95), Colombia ($ 2.04), Argentina ($ 2.14) and Mexico ($ 2.15). On average, it costs $ 2.27 for a large latte in Africa.

In the world, Denmark sells the most expensive Starbucks products ($ 6.05), followed by Switzerland ($ 5.94) and Finland ($ 5.40).

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