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Strike in Transavia: The Paris Orly-Marrakech flight canceled

The flight to connect Paris Orly to Marrakech from Transavia France was canceled due to the strike affecting the low cost airline.

The strike movement of the Transavia France hostesses and stewards at the CGT’s appeal had only a limited impact on Friday, according to the company. In fact, 95% of planned flights were maintained. Of the 66 scheduled flights on Friday, only two flights (Paris Orly – Marrakech and Paris Orly-Lisbon) had been canceled, said the low cost.

On the other French bases of Transavia France, the 14 flights departing from Nantes were scheduled, while 4 of the 9 flights departing from Lyon-Saint-Exupéry were canceled, according to the sites of the airports.

Saturday, 97% of flights scheduled should be insured, but the company does not exclude “last minute” disturbances. The strikers denounce “a catastrophic human and material management” in the company.

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