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Talsint Case: US Justice Confirms Annulment of Moroccan Judgment

New in the case of Talsint’s false oil discovery. The American businessman John Paul DeJoria, sentenced to pay $ 123 million after a judgment in Morocco, is still in court.

Indeed, the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit upheld the reversal of this judgment, saying Dejoria should not pay the $ 123 million to the joint venture Maghreb Petroleum Exploration (MPE) and Mideast Fund for Morocco Limited. The businessman had been involved in a false oil discovery scandal. In 1999, with his trading partner, he launched Lone Star Energy Corp. in Morocco, hoping to discover oil reserves that would make the Kingdom self-sufficient for 30 years. Finally, no oil. DeJoria lost her place on the board and the company sued her.

DeJoria won an appeal in Texas based on a law dating back to 2017 “for which he had lobbied”. In fact, Texas has amended the Foreign Judgments Recognition Act in 2017 to ensure that foreign judgments obtained in violation of a person’s rights of defense can not be enforced in Texas courts, says the law firm BaketBotts who defended DeJoria.

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