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Tanger Automotive City: The project approved by the government

The Governing Council adopted, on Thursday in Rabat, draft decree 2.19.744 amending decree 2.10.337 on the establishment of the “Tanger Automotive City” free zone.

Presented by the Minister of Industry, Investment, Trade and Digital Economy, the draft decree plans to extend the area of ​​the free zone to 517 ha 55a 33ca in order to meet the strong demand for industrial land at the level of the export processing zone and meet the demands of Moroccan and foreign investors, said Mustapha El Khalfi, spokesman for the government, during a press briefing after the meeting of the Council.

The extension of this free zone was decided after examination and validation by the members of the National Commission of Export Processing Zones at their meeting of May 24, 2019, he recalled.

Created by Decree 2.10.337 of 20 April 2011, “Tanger Automotive City” is located in the commune of Jouamâa about 22 km from the Tangier Med port and 25 km from the city of Tangier, on an area of ​​178 ha.

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