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Tanja Marina Bay: A tourist reference of the north pearl

A year after its inauguration, the new Tanja Marina Bay International leisure port has become a tourist landmark of the Pearl of the Straits, offering a platform for artistic creations and services for the city’s inhabitants and its many visitors from around the world.

Result of the conversion project of the port of Tangier City, which has reconnected the port with the city and the latter with the Strait of Gibraltar, without barriers, Tanja Marina Bay offers visitors a series of tourist facilities and services to the height of the city’s fame, gateway from Morocco to Europe.

The reconversion project of this area is based on two strategic axes, namely to unite the port to the city and bring Tangier closer to its seafront, says the Port Management Company Tangier City, adding that the project Marina “has achieved both goals at once.”

Since the beginning of this summer, Tanja Marina Bay has become a platform for musical expressions and percussion, opening the door to dozens of young artists to show their talent to thousands of visitors, which has permeated the summer evenings of Tangier of a beautiful artistic atmosphere.

After the open doors of Tanja Marina Bay, organized during the last weeks, this leisure port organized last weekend (27-28 July) the Days of relaxation and discovery, with the aim of “uniting the Port to the City”, one of the main axes of the Tangier City Port Area Rehabilitation Project.

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