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Tareq Al-Suwaidan is not welcome in Morocco

The Wali of Marrakech has just closed the door to the preacher and famous Kuwaiti lecturer, Tareq Al-Suwaidan.

The latter was going to give a lecture on Monday to the ocher city, under the theme “the prophet, the leader”. The event was to be held at the Mohammed VI Museum for the Civilization of Water. However, the Ministry of Habous and Islamic Affairs reportedly refused to welcome Al-Suwaidan, known for his positions that go against the Kingdom.

The Iben Tachfine Foundation for Studies and Research, which organizes this conference, has therefore decided to apply for City Hall. But the wali, Karim Kassi Lahlou, vetoed a written decision to ban the event.

It should be noted that a large number of associative actors in the region expressed their indignation and asked the Wilaya to oppose this conference. Tareq AL-Suwadain has also attacked the Kingdom, repeatedly, through his chain “Arrissala”. In particular, he had distributed a map of Morocco amputated from his Sahara on the Islamic channel.

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