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The Green Future Index 2021: Morocco 26th greenest country in the world

Morocco takes 26th place in the 2021 MIT Technology Review Insights index, which ranks countries that invest a lot in the fight against climate change through the implementation of ambitious policies in terms of renewable energy and Clean Tech.

The Green Future Index of MIT Technology Review Insights has just released its 2021 ranking of the best performing countries in renewable energy and the fight against climate change. Morocco rather carves out a good position in this ranking as it managed to clinch 26th place at the world level, well ahead of South Korea (31st), or even Israel (38th).

MIT Technology Review Insights recognizes in particular that the kingdom has in recent years embarked on an ambitious policy in terms of the fight against climate change and has launched major projects such as the Noor complex in Ouarzazate, a gigantic solar project carried out by the kingdom in the as part of its energy strategy which aims to increase the share of renewable energies in the national electricity mix to over 52% by 2030. According to the same source, these actions will significantly improve Morocco’s score in the coming years. Note that the United States ranks 40th, well behind Morocco. France, for its part, managed to take 4th place in this world ranking. It should also be noted that The Green Future Index 2021 pays tribute to the efforts made by Morocco in terms of clean technologies and innovations in the field of renewable energies.

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