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The peace message of the African Games in Rabat

Representing all Morocco, Rabat launched a vigorous message of peace during the official opening ceremony of the 12th African Games, chaired by Prince Moulay Rachid, brother of King Mohamed VI.

The ceremony was sublime and Impressive. In just over two hours, we were able to witness an exquisite concert of lights, endearing emotionally. Technologically, without a doubt, the ceremony was first class, worthy. In addition, of course, those present applauded the parade of the 54 countries participating in this great regional event.

Remarkable music, endless colors, breathtaking charm and a lot of folklore have merged into one, where the history and traditions of Morocco have taken the reins of the show every second, to encourage the continent and the world to strengthen the bonds of peace and solidarity.

“Land of peace” was read on the giant tapestry that illuminated the ground of Prince Moulay Abdellah Stadium, just around a smaller replica of the Hassan Tower, the great architectural symbol of Rabat and the country in general.

The whole scene revolves around the fabulous minaret. The desert, the meeting of the Atlantic Ocean with the Mediterranean, the star of the Moroccan flag indicating – as we all know – the five pillars of Islam, and a map of Africa, have played a leading role in the evening.

But one of the most impressive things about this ceremony came out of nowhere, when, without imagining it, a giant dove, made up of hundreds of colorful drones, appeared, illuminating the skies of the city in astonishing debauchery of technology. The omens of peace were present at every moment, with every message.

Prince Moulay Rachid was accompanied by Rachid Talbi Alami, Minister of Youth and Sports of Morocco, and Moussa Faki, Chairperson of the African Union Commission.

On this occasion, Moussa Faki urged the participants to compete in fraternity and also recalled the challenge that the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 represent for all the countries of the continent. At the end of the ceremony, everything became music, colors and more joy. The pyrotechnics shone the sky of Rabat and everything was ready for the ignition of the flame.

Thus was opened the 12th edition of the African Games, which will run until 31 in several cities of the country, with the participation of 6 396 athletes, who will be competing for gold, but also for several Olympic qualifications to Tokyo, which is unprecedented in the history of the African Games.

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