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The remains of the oldest stegosaurus discovered in Morocco

Another important discovery in Morocco. Researchers at the Natural History Museum in London, in collaboration with Moroccan colleagues, discovered a new stegosaurus dinosaur species in the Middle Atlas Mountains. Known as “Adratiklit Boulahfa”, it is the “oldest stegosaurus set ever found”, says the Museum.

This species is expected to be about 168 million years old, the museum said, adding that “there are only a few handfuls of vertebrae and an arm bone left, but these were enough for a team of paleontologists to identify with confidence not only a new species, but also a new kind”.

The study was led by Dr. Susannah Maidment, the Museum’s dinosaur expert, in collaboration with Moroccan colleagues. “Most of the known stegosaurus date back to the end of the Jurassic period, making it the oldest definitive stegosaurus described and helping to improve our understanding of the evolution of this group of dinosaurs,” she said. The stegosaurus is called “Adratiklit boulahfa”, a name that comes from the Berber words ‘Adras’ (mountain) and ‘Tiklit’ (lizard). The name of the species, ‘Boulahfa’, refers to the place where the specimen was found.

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