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The World Bank: $ 35 million to support health in Morocco

The World Bank has decided to support the national health sector. As such, it has mobilized $ 35 million to deploy qualified and well-equipped health workers on the front line.

Seduced by Morocco’s efforts in the fight against the coronavirus, the World Bank wants to support the Moroccan program to fight the covid-19 pandemic with this financial envelope.

In addition to this important financial envelope, 13 million dollars should also be released under the “program for primary health” of the Kingdom. In a statement posted on the internet, the World Bank said that these funds will support the strengthening of patient detection capabilities through the provision of technical assistance, laboratory equipment and systems. They will also make it possible to rapidly detect cases and facilitate contact tracing.

While welcoming this financial support, the Minister of Health Khalid Aït Taleb believes that he “will undoubtedly strengthen the efforts made […] to contain this pandemic at the health, economic and social level”.

For the World Bank, this extension is justified by the encouraging figures from Morocco in the management of the coronavirus. The financial institution also said that Morocco had taken drastic measures from the start of the Covid-19 pandemic to contain the spread of the virus. She also claims that at the time of the “declaration of a state of health emergency on March 20, the country had only 77 cases”.

According to the same source, the Kingdom has to date 269 deaths and has one of the lowest case fatality rates (number of deaths compared to the total number of infections) in the world (1.6%) against 83 % cure rate.

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