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The World Bank provides $ 500 Million to Morocco

The World Bank (WB) announced the launch of a new $ 500 million program to support Morocco’s efforts to expand access to quality pre-school education, significantly boosting skills and teachers and strengthen the governance of the sector.

This funding, which will be rolled out over five years, aims to “support the Ministry of Education’s ambitious reform agenda” to improve the overall performance of the sector under the 2015-2030 Vision for Education, which lays the groundwork for the “Moroccan new school”, indicates the international financial institution in a statement made public Friday in Washington.

“The education sector represents an average of 6.4% of Morocco’s gross domestic product (GDP) and is an essential lever to strengthen the country’s human capital,” says the WB.

The World Bank’s program loan will thus complement a part of Morocco’s strategy aimed at “encouraging a change of approach in favor of results-based rather than resource-based principles of governance, with the aim of improving learning in class”. According to the same source, three areas will be favored: skills, learning and behavior, stating that this program is structured around components defined according to the main obstacles to the progress of the sector.

WB said that conditions are being created for quality pre-primary education, improve teacher training, and strengthen management capacity and accountability within the sector. The program will be implemented by the Ministry of Education, Regional Academies of Education and Training, Provincial Commands and Schools.

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