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The World Bank supports education sector

The Education Sector Support Program, funded by the World Bank with $ 500 million, was officially launched on Thursday in Rabat. This program, designed to support the goal of improving educational outcomes for all, receives funding from the international financial institution in the form of a program loan for results, under which disbursement of funds is conditional of obtaining key results.

The Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Said Amzazi, underlined that the funding of the education sector support program is a concrete expression of the agreement signed in July between the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the World Bank over five years, articulated on three axes of reform of the education system. The first axis is to create the appropriate conditions to promote pre-school education, the second axis of the reform is to improve teacher training and the third is to strengthen the management capacity of the sector at the regional and provincial levels.

In this regard, the program will support the use of objective-based contracts to enable regional and provincial administrative structures to define objectives in terms of the efficiency and quality of their services. This program is in line with the aims of framework agreement 51.17 on the education, training and scientific research system as well as the 2015-2030 strategic vision for reform.

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