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To avenge his brother death, he tries to derail Al Boraq

The services of the Royal Gendarmerie arrested an individual from Souk Larbaâ, who repeatedly tried to overturn the Al Boraq high-speed train by placing tree trunks on the rails.

According to sources, the reconstruction of the crime took place in the presence of the judiciary and senior security officials. The young man thus respected the instructions of the gendarmes and reconstituted the operation in a calm atmosphere which surprised the present managers.

He thus cut a tree trunk of 4m, carried it and deposited on the rails in order to overthrow Al Boraq, according to him. He repeated this operation for several days and filmed the passage of the TGV to “immortalize” the derailment that was taking place. The young man then went to his house waiting for the next operation. According to the same sources, he wanted to avenge the death of his twin brother, who died in a terrible accident under a railway bridge.

In his smartphone, several videos of his preparations were found, showing the many attempts to derail the TGV. He has already laid cobblestones, trees and other dangerous objects on the rails hoping every time his mission is successful. The drivers of Al Boraq have already alerted officials about the presence of many objects on the rails.

The culprit was thus referred before the public prosecutor at the Kenitra Court of Appeal and is being held in detention.

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