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Tokyo charges Carlos Ghosn and Nissan

The Tokyo prosecutor’s office has decided to indict Carlos Ghosn, who is suspected of concealing part of his income, and the Nissan group as a legal entity.

The indictment is scheduled for Monday at the end of the period of custody of Carlos Ghosn, arrested 19 November in Tokyo for failing to report to the stock market authorities 38 Million euros in revenue over a period of five years. The deposed boss of the automobile industry denies his involvement in financial malpractices that are blamed by Japanese prosecutors.

The prosecution will also sue Nissan, saying that the company has a share of responsibility in this case and this although it has submitted reports incriminating Ghosn to the stock market authorities.

In addition, prosecutors will seek a new arrest warrant against Carlos Ghosn, on new suspicions of income reduction over three additional years. Carlos Ghosn, whose arrest has caused a shock wave in the business world, is staying in a penitentiary facility in North Tokyo. His lawyers can not attend the hearings and visits are very limited.

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