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Tourism: Marrakech continues its growth

Tourism in Marrakech continues its flight. After a year of growth in 2018, the upward trend continues. Thus, the activity recorded a growth of 9% in terms of tourist arrivals at the end of March which resulted in an increase of 11% in terms of overnight stays.

At the end of March, nearly 650,000 tourists had opted for Marrakech. With the exception of Germany, all issuing markets are on the rise, including that of Great Britain, which is doing so well this year. The number of English visitors increased by 15% at the end of March compared to the same period in 2018.

The United Kingdom is one of the markets placed at the heart of Morocco’s tourism strategy, and Marrakech in particular. It ranks since 2017 in 3rd position in terms of arrivals in Marrakech. Behind this recovery, there is of course the air and connectivity of Marrakech with several British airports.

Thus, this year, the British Airways company will connect Marrakech to the largest airport in London and England, the London Heathrow at a rate of 4 flights per week in addition to the 8 weekly flights it offers to London Gatwick airport. Another big indicator for the first quarter of 2019, the occupancy rate reached 62% with an increase of 6 points compared to the same period as last year.

It should be noted that the month of March recorded an exceptional performance with an average occupancy rate of 73%, resulting in particular thanks to the mice segment. The city has indeed hosted a large number of world congresses like the Islamic Bank conference.

The city has been designated in 2018 – next to New York – as the best international destination of MICE by the Iberian Association of Business Travel (IBTA) and its challenge is to increase the share of the mice and bring it to 40% of the activity. And this to definitively solve the problem of filling in days of week, insists Hamid Bentahar, president of the regional council of tourism of Marrakech.

Since 2017, Marrakech has taken over and fully benefited from the favorable conditions of tourism and the muscular demand for tourism emitting many traditional and emerging markets. “We have to be happy about the performances, but we are not yet at the level of the final objectives. And that’s why we continue to look for ideas to accelerate growth,” says Bentahar.

Among these sources of growth, strengthening the regional approach to promotion in collaboration with the Council of the region and the various provinces and prefectures, while keeping Marrakech as a locomotive.

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