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Trace Bribery Risk Matrix: Morocco in 131st position

Corruption, a phenomenon very present in our public institutions, even private. In its ranking for the year 2019, Trace Bribery Risk Matrix, had placed Morocco in 160th place on the scale of the risks of corruption for cases on the world plan, before reclassifying it to the 131st position on the base of 200 countries.

“Trace Bribery Risk Matrix”, an international organization of economic operators against corruption and provider of risk management solutions for companies, reclassified the Kingdom, after finding that “some data had been inadvertently omitted.”

Thus, in its international index which varies between a score of 1 to 100 points, and which reflects the high risk of corruption in the business sector, Morocco had a score of 58 points instead of 65, ranking it among the medium risk country.

This score, says “Trace Bribery Risk Matrix”, covers four areas namely deterrence and enforcement of anti-corruption legislation, transparency of government and public administration, control capacity of civil society, including the role of the media or the business-government interactions.

If we compare this year’s ranking to 2018, the Kingdom has gone from 121st to 131st, which means a 10-place, down from 39, as indicated in the first ranking provided by the United States organization before correcting its data.

At the top of this “Trace” ranking is New Zealand followed by Norway, then Denmark and Sweden, followed by Finland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Canada, Germany and finally Hong Kong.

On the African side, South Africa ranks 55th, followed by Namibia 72nd, Senegal 73rd, while Tunisia leads the Maghreb ranking 99th, followed by Morocco 131st, Mauritania 153rd, Algeria 163rd and finally Libya 194th.

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