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Turkey: 9 dead and 47 injured in a TGV accident

At least nine people were killed and nearly 47 injured today, in a collision between a TGV and a locomotive in Turkey, where fatal accidents on the rail network have increased in recent years.

The accident occurred near Ankara when a train connecting the Turkish capital to Konya (center) collided with a locomotive tracking the tracks.

Turkish Transport Minister Cahit Turhan told the press at the scene of the accident that the collision killed nine people, including six passengers and three machinists. Forty-seven others were injured.

According to the governor’s office in Ankara, the train driver is among the dead.

The accident took place at a small station in Yenimahalle District, in the west of the capital. A gangway collapsed on the train, of which at least one car was completely crushed.

The train was carrying more than 200 passengers and the accident took place just minutes after leaving Ankara Central Station. In addition, the high speed line between Ankara and Konya was launched in 2011.

As a reminder, in July 2018, twenty-four people were killed in the derailment of a passenger train in northwestern Turkey.

The train carrying 362 passengers was coming from Kapikule in the Tekirdag region on the Bulgarian border and was traveling to Istanbul when six of its cars derailed.

The deadliest accident occurred in July 2004, leaving 41 dead and 80 injured in the derailment of a high-speed train in Sakarya province in the north-west of the country.

In January 2008, nine people died in a derailment caused by faulty rails in the Kutaha region, south of Istanbul.

Turkey acquired a rail network in the mid-nineteenth century, under the Ottoman Empire, and the construction of roads was provided by the great powers of the time, Britain, France Germany, and the United States.

The development of the network was continued by the founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kamal Ataturk, but its maintenance was later neglected when the country’s economic situation deteriorated.

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