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Two power plants in Morocco pinned by Greenpeace

Jorf Lasfar and Mohammedia, the two Moroccan coal-fired power plants, have been ranked by Greenpeace as one of the world’s largest sulfur dioxide (SO2) emitters.

In a global mapping of air pollution, conducted by Greenpeace India from NASA data, the environmental organization has established the dismal ranking of the world’s largest pollution areas “based on the link between fossil fuel plants, refineries and industries on the one hand and high levels of sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions on the other hand”.

Morocco appears on this map through two homes emitting SO2, a gas produced by coal combustion and considered as one of the main atmospheric pollutants participating in a global slaughter of 7 million deaths per year.

India is the world’s most polluting country, according to the Greenpeace India report. The country exceeds China and Russia and is responsible for 15% of global anthropogenic emissions of sulfur dioxide. However, Russia is singled out for having the most polluting facility in the world, the Norilsk metallurgical complex. In Europe, and despite the efforts of governments to reduce the production of this gas, some countries, particularly in the east, are still in the rankings.

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