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UNDP: Morocco in 121st place in human development

The UNDP Human Development Index 2020 still includes Morocco among the “medium human development” countries. The kingdom comes 121st out of 189. This same report also alerts governments to the future of their prosperity if they ignore the damage suffered by nature.

Morocco has maintained unchanged its position in the Human Development Index, the 2020 edition of which was published yesterday by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). It thus comes 121st out of 189 countries ranked, with a score of 0.686, which places it in the category of countries with “average human development”.

The report says that Morocco’s life expectancy stands at 76.7 years. Years of schooling are on average 13.7 years, while the average number of years of education is only 5.6 years. As for the gross national income per capita, it stands, according to the report, at $ 7368. The activity index is 70.1% for men, but does not exceed 21.5% for women.

Morocco lagging behind even at the regional level

In the Gender Inequality Index, Morocco is ranked 111th in the world, with a score of 0.454. In addition, the number of deaths per 100000 births reaches 60, while the percentage of the population under 25 having attained secondary education is 29.1% for men and 36% for women.

Morocco is ranked 14th at the Arab level, followed by the United Arab Emirates (31st), Saudi Arabia (40th), Bahrain (42nd), Qatar (45th), Oman (60th), Kuwait (64th), l ‘Algeria (91st), Lebanon (92nd), Tunisia (95th), Jordan (102nd), Libya (105th), Palestine (115th) and Egypt (116th).

Globally, Norway tops the table, followed by Ireland, followed by Switzerland, Hong Kong and Iceland. At the bottom of the ranking are Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Mali and Burundi.

This report bases its classification of countries on sub-indices, linked to income in each State, education and health, as well as the evolution of GDP per capita between men and women, or the rate active participation of the population.

The environment, a development issue

Moreover, the same report points out that the pressures on the environment have become so great that scientists claim that the Earth has entered a new geological era: the Anthropocene.

If these pressures on the planet were taken into account by country to measure development, the index of more than 50 countries that appear to be very advanced would have dropped drastically, according to the report. This is the stage where nature will thus play a major role in the future of many developed nations.

Adopting a firm tone, the report says this progress will certainly stop, if governments do not take drastic measures to ease the significant pressure on the environment. “It’s time to make a change. Our future is no longer a matter of choosing between humans or trees; it will be both, or neither”.

“If people have the power to create an entirely new geological epoch, then they also have the power to choose to change. We are not the last generation of the Anthropocene; we are the first to recognize it.”

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