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Vita Club-Raja: Final of the CAF Cup

Halfway to glory and despite his big win at home (3-0) on AS Vita Club, Raja will not be safe from a possible “remontada” this night, at Stadium of the Martyrs of Kinshasa.

Also, the Greens will not have to shout victory before having shot down the “Bear” Congolese. The hardest is coming in the return leg for Garrido’s men in front of an opponent eager for revenge and therefore determined, despite a few absences, to surpass himself to clear the defeat.

The Black Dolphins of Kinshasa promise hell to the Greens. Ibengue, the Congolese coach who is angry at his players for being absent from the Mohammed VI Complex last Sunday and not having benefited from some Raja defensive fervor, had to motivate them all week long. His boys know what to do and they have for this reference matches.

On the side of the Greens, we aspire bitterly to bring back the trophy. No absences except that of Mohcine Yajour, who saw red trapped in this by the keeper of AS Vita Club. The rest of the Rajawi contingent is otherwise quite complete, and his morale is high. The Challenge is huge. Staff, players and leaders know what to expect and have prepared accordingly. It will not be a part of pleasure but it is quite in the ropes or rather the crampons of the Greens who are making dream a whole country.

Dima Raja!

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