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Vivatech 2019: Morocco in the footsteps of the Paris Salon

“Morocco has the ambition to organize a pan-African digital show like the Viva Tech held in Paris (May 16 to 18)”. This is the wish of Moulay Hafid Elalamy noting that “thanks to the Digital Development Agency and the OCP, which showed in Paris what they do best, Morocco should have bigger stands during future editions”.

Better yet, “because we have seen the attraction and interest of the Paris forum, we must have a pan-African digital platform in Morocco,” adds the Minister of Industry, Trade, Investment, and the digital economy.

The latter was, on Friday, May 17th, in the 2019 vintage. He came to bring “his support to the Moroccan start-ups who attest to a great synergy with their French and European counterparts”. Indeed, many of them have studied in France and started their projects in France.

Others have created their startups in Morocco and successfully market their products and activities in France. “This shows that there are existing synergies, but also great potential to promote between Station F and everything around the digital,” said Elalamy.

Without further, the latter “wants to recover the necessary expertise and share our know-how, in certain areas, with France, which has taken a lead on topics of interest to a large segment of Moroccan youth”. “Especially that the relationship between France and Morocco is at a very good level, and we collaborate on all fronts,” said the minister.

Especially for digital, this collaboration is quite good and touches different topics. To go fast, the department of the digital economy “has also studied all that France has been able to achieve in recent years.”

For him, this type of forum, which brings together start-ups from around the world, is a good example of success. It allows the opening, the exchange of expertise, and the promotion of projects. In Morocco, “the Sovereign attaches paramount importance, first of all to young people in general, and to the innovation and development part in a very special way,” the minister recalls.

And to add: “Certainly, Morocco has fallen behind in this area which was reserved for highly developed countries. However, and impressively, our youth has been back in this area for many years.” The Department of Industry and OCP support these young people through the “Massir” program, dedicated to research and development.

In addition, the Kingdom intends to boost its African cooperation on digital. In addition to offering its digital expertise to African countries, the country is predisposed to organize a continental exhibition, like Viva Tech in Morocco. In this respect, Morocco can already count on Senegal’s support. It is President Macky Sall, present at Viva Tech 2019, who affirms it.

In a statement, the Senegalese president said that the two countries will try to “think together with the rest of the continent, and see how Africa could also have a technology show, the information and communication, or simply an African technology fair”.

In the meantime, the Moroccan and Senegalese Ministers of the Digital Economy will outline, with their counterparts, the steps to follow. “We have the brains and the political will. We must push the young startupporters, support them and accompany them. And Africa can do wonders in this area,” concludes Macky Sall.

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