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Waste collection and sorting: Triple consecration for the Ozone group

The group “Ozone Environment and Services” won, recently in Paris, 3 grand prizes in the “G2T Global Awards” contest. Thus Aziz El Badraoui, boss of the group, received the award of “Best Arabian CEO 2018”.

Ranked 8th president manager of the top 100 leaders in the Arab world, El Badraoui also won the prize for best manager of the best Arab company in 2018. In addition, the group he leads won the “Arab Best Award 2018” of the best company in the Arab world in the category “Services”.

“This triple dedication is the result of the work of all our teams in Morocco and Africa,” he said. And to add: “the Ozone group has human and managerial skills that can raise it to a level of international leader”.

Indeed, the Ozone group manages the collection, cleaning and treatment of household waste in some 55 Moroccan cities. “We are leaders in the sorting and semi-automatic recycling of garbage,” says the management of the group.

As a reminder, his company inaugurated last November the first sorting unit in the Kingdom. Equipped with German technology (one of the world leaders in the field of waste recovery and renewable energy), the plant covers an overall area of ​​6 hectares, located in the town of Ain Beida.

“It was achieved thanks to a tripartite partnership bringing together our group, the BMCE, and the Municipality of Fez,” said El Badraoui. And to add: “this center, pilot project of the group, required an investment of MAD 54 million”. From now on, the operator ensures the sorting and the valorization of semi-automatic waste. Its equipment meets the expectations of the National Household Waste Program through the development of the sorting, recycling and energy recovery sector.

It should be noted that this program aims, by 2022, to allow 350 cities and urban agglomerations to have waste disposal and recovery centers, to close and upgrade some 220 uncontrolled landfills and to hoist the 90% collection rate.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Ozone says that “the profitability of the project of its sorting unit, is not only economic and financial, but above all a pledge for other environmental aspects, employment, valuation, etc.”. As such, the group clearly shows the ambition to extend the experience of Fez to other cities such as Bouznika and Benslimane.

Note that energy recovery consists of transforming waste into electricity and / or heat. It is now the third largest source of alternative electricity generation after hydro and wind and the fourth renewable source of heat after wood, biofuels and heat pumps. It makes it possible both to save on raw materials fuels and to reduce the price of urban waste treatment by 20%.

For Fez and its surroundings, Ozone collects more than 1,200 tonnes of waste daily. Its sorting unit, meanwhile, has a processing capacity of 300 tonnes expandable to 500 tonnes of waste per day and an estimated recovery rate of 28.2%.

“The waste collected is subject to mechanical sorting and manual refining by sorters. Recovered recyclable products (cardboard, plastic, metal) will be reused as raw material by local manufacturers, or sent to specialized companies for recycling,” explains the initiator of the project. And it is for all his managerial, service and sustainability reasons that his company is at the top of the podium of Arab companies.

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