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WB: Morocco is the 5th richest country in Africa

In the new ranking of the richest African countries, published by the World Bank, Morocco is in 5th place. Unsurprisingly, the United States and China lead the world rankings.

Morocco is in the top 5 with 118.72 billion dollars. It is preceded by Algeria, ranked in 4th place with 169.9 billion, against 170 billion in 2017. Regarding Egypt, it maintains its ranking with 303 billion dollars of GDP, against 264 in 2017.

Nigeria and South Africa lead the rankings and 2nd place, respectively, with $ 448 billion and $ 351.4 billion.

With this GDP, the first oil producing country in Africa occupies the 26ᵉ place in the world rank. The United States and China take first and second place, with GDP (at current prices) of $ 21,427.7 billion and $ 14,342 billion, respectively.

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