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What does Morocco blame Germany for?

The announcement of the suspension of all contact with the German embassy in Morocco had the effect of thunderclap in the diplomatic world. According to the note signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Bourita, on Monday, March 1, “profound misunderstandings with the Federal Republic of Germany on the subject of fundamental questions of the Kingdom of Morocco”, would be at the heart of this cooling of relations between the two countries.

Since Monday, March 1, many have wondered about the reasons for this sudden decision. Morocco had to react to “acts disrespectful to the Kingdom and its institutions”. It all started with the exclusion of Morocco from the Berlin conference on Libya in January 2020, sparking “deep discontent” from Rabat. “The Kingdom of Morocco has always been at the forefront of international efforts for resolution. of the Libyan crisis”, underlined a press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to the ministry, Rabat “played a decisive role in the conclusion of the Skhirat agreements, which are, to date, the only political framework supported by the Security Council and accepted by all the Libyan protagonists, with a view to the resolution of the crisis in this brother Maghreb country”. Morocco said it was surprised at this sidelining, and wonders about “the criteria and motivations by which the choice of countries participating in this meeting was made”.

In view of this rather unfortunate and diplomatically incorrect precedent, the Minister of Foreign Affairs declined an invitation from his German counterpart, and from the United Nations, to take part in the Berlin 2 conference on the Libyan crisis, which follows that of January.

In other side, the action made by Germany following the American recognition of the Moroccan character of the Sahara. Berlin had officially requested a meeting of the UN Security Council, behind closed doors, on the Sahara issue.

There was also the affair of the separatist “flag” waved in Bremen for the 45th anniversary of the creation of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR). A series of incidents which ended up exhausting the patience of Morocco which took the necessary decisions.

In the meantime, Morocco has decided to freeze all contact, “both with the German Embassy in Morocco and with German cooperation organizations and political foundations linked to it”.

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