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With 22 tons, Morocco third largest gold reserve in the Maghreb

Morocco ranked third as the largest gold reserve in North Africa after Algeria and Libya, ranked 11th in the Arab world in terms of gold reserves, said The World Gold Council.

The report of the World Gold Council issued in 2019, Morocco’s possession of 22.1 tons of precious gold stocks, down from the tenth rank Arab, which was awarded in the year 2018 gold reserve, which was then 22 tons.

Saudi Arabia ranked first with 323.1 tons of gold followed by Lebanon (286.8 tons), Algeria (173.6 tons), Libya (116.6 tons) and Kuwait (96.3 tons).

Egypt was ranked seventh with 78.5 tons, followed by Jordan (43.5 tons), Qatar (40.6 tons), Syria (25.8 tons), Morocco (22.1 tons), the UAE (7.5 tons) and Bahrain (4.7 tons).

The United States topped the world list with 8.133 thousand tons, followed by Germany (3.369 thousand tons) and the International Monetary Fund (2,814 tons).

It is noteworthy that the gold stocks in Morocco stable and does not witness any significant changes, in exchange for talk about the discovery of new mines and the extraction of large quantities, and the lack of accurate information in this area.

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